Zappi Smart Charger Install In Leigh, Lancashire


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Clive was looking for a solar charge point, to make the most of his 3kw solar install on his home in Leigh.

We advised the Zappi 7kw Tethered charger as the best option for him, as at the time the Zappi was the only EV Charger that had solar integration capabilities, in essence meaning anything over 1.4kw of solar generation can be used to charge his vehicle. So;

3kw solar generation

0.4kw being used to run the house.

2.6kw surplus is being put directly into the vehicle, essentially charging the vehicle with 100% renewable energy, generate just a few feet away!

We fitted the charge point within a few days of his inquiry, utilizing the Office for Low Emissions £350 grant, we also completed all of the paperwork for Clive, needing just the following from him;

  1. Vehicle proof of Purchase (Logbook, Confirmed Order or Invoice)
  2. Electricity Supply Number (referred to as the MPAN number)
  3. A couple of signatures for the OLEV Grant Submission
I have never had such a simple straight forward job carried out by a firm, like i have with this company. A quote was provided the same day Liam visited me, and an installation date just a couple of days later. I love this style of business. Clive Allen