Property Maintenance

FarrellWolst offer tailored maintenance packages for a host of organizations across North West UK. We work with an office block in the center of Manchester, a number of Hotels in the city centre, along with a number of factories/industrial set ups across the North West.

Maintenance of a building, needless to say, is of most importance, in order to keep facilities in the best condition and prevent costly repairs and refurbishments. At FarrellWolst we understand than no single package fits all, and the type, frequency and scale of maintenance will depend on the age and structure of your facilities. We offer flexible solutions to match your requirements.

Reactive Repairs

Our team at FarrellWolst are highly skilled and between them, have a solution for every problem, delivering this on time and first time around. We can offer fixed time arrangements for both business and private clients. Our bespoke booking and management systems mean we can plan, schedule and allocate reactive repairs to even the most demanding service level agreement.

Our team work to the highest customer care standards, with photographic ID and uniforms.

  • Reactive Maintenance Includes:
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Putting and decorating
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Electrical installations

Minor Works

Some repairs are minor projects involving a number of trades and not taking more than a few days to carry out. In which case we have the teams and project management expertise to get these projects completed as and when our customers need them. We work with local suppliers to enable a quick and great value project completed on time.

A list of minor works includes;

  • Decorating
  • Carpentry, plumbing and electrics
  • Gas boiler maintenance
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Fire door upgrades
  • Bathroom fit outs
  • Insurance works
  • Disabled adaptations

Voids and Relets

We have been refurbishing void properties for social housing organisations and private landlords for over 2 years now. We liaise closely with our customers, going to joint inspections to identify and agree works to be carried out, and then allocating a time-frame and subsequent schedule of works. Our refurbishment team are multi-skilled enabling them to turn around the works quickly and to the FarrellWolst quality standards we adhere to.

Some of the Void and Relet repairs include;

  • Kitchen replacements
  • Bathroom replacements
  • Minor internal construction
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Plastering and decorating
  • Roofing
  • Fencing and groundworks

Our 5 Step Process

Planning and Building Regs

Upon deciding that Farrell Wolst is the company for you we will arrange a start date and you will have been given a time scale for the project duration. The time has now come for us to start work. All the Surveys have been carried out, all the plans have been drawn up, all the relevant authorities have been notified and informed and necessary paperwork has been obtained.

The first stage of construction is getting our infrastructure in place, if required (dependent upon the project), for example we will assemble scaffolding first. Unlike a lot of other companies Farrell Wolst will, for example, erect scaffolding for loft conversions, so that there is no need to have access to you property while the construction work is going on. All work is carried out through your existing roof so your home is free of dust, materials and workmen during the conversion and can remain as a home as the work progresses.

Usually 1-2 days before the project is due to start the scaffolding will be erected around the property and wste disposal skips, etc. Will also be arriving. On the day of the arranged start date your team of workmen will arrive to begin work and the materials will arrive on site. Usually most materials are stored on the drive though alternative arrangements can be made where this is not possible. A safe area on site may be required for any expensive materials.

Hard work part 1

Now all infrastructure is in place such as scaffolding, Skips, large machinery, etc. Our team will start by removing all the old materials and items not required, such as old flooring, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Everything will be stripped back, to allow us to start a fresh. We will have in place organized days in which waste removal firms will arrive and take away this unwanted mess, always consulting with you and keeping you, and in turn your neighbors in the loop, in order to avoid any unwanted complications or delays to your day.

Specialist works

At this stage we have a blank canvas, and now the exciting work of bringing vision to life begins. Our specialist trades, electricians, Plumbers, gas engineers begin their first fix operations, in essence pulling in and installing the infrastructure/power to enable the completion of works. For example, the electrician will update the electrical supply in the kitchen or bathroom, complying with modern regulations, taking into consideration needs for residual current detection, etc. Pulling the relevant rated cables into the locations where, showers, lights, switches, pull cords, etc will ultimately be mounted and finished. All of this pivotal work is hidden behind the final finishes, such as plasterboard, plaster, tiling and flooring.

The plans and communication are essential to working as efficiently as possible, without errors, this is where FarrellWolst’s 50+ years of combined experience and project management experience comes into its own, and guarantees flawless uninterrupted work throughout.

Piecing the Project together

Now all of our ‘infrastructure’ is in place, cables, pipes, waste pipes, supporting beams, New Joists, etc. Our master Joiner’s and Fitter’s will now work tirelessly and with an eye for detail to build the vision you and everybody else will see. The walls will take shape, the structure of the kitchen, bathroom, extension, etc. Will all begin to piece together. The pipework, cable’s and other items now hidden behind the newly constructed structures, are ready to be used and completed, commonly referred to as the second fix.

2nd Fix and Completion

Our specialist trades team now come back for the final push, they will complete the ‘2nd fix’, this is in essence making the final connections such as mounting the shower, connecting downlights, light switches, connecting the cooker, hot and cold taps, etc. A thorough deep clean is carried out and our office manager will then make a site visit and review the work and ensure everything has been completed to the best of abilities, a list of any items which need attention is drawn up and shared with you, our valued customer, you can then review yourself and add any items we have not noticed (we don’t believe this is possible with our attention to detail, but we do like the challenge!), this is described in the trade as a snagging list. The completion of each and every item will be carried out and then a final handover is made with our site manager.

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